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Willis, TX

Ricky Link
Email: saltandlight@ccwillis.org

About Their Salt & Light Ministry

The “Aha” Moment!

Our Church pastors attended a local Liberty Pastors conference during 2021 and were introduced to The Salt & Light Council, an organization dedicated to promoting biblical moral values in the public sector. Our S&L Ministry was launched January 2022 by two senior members of our church who are now retired. God spoke to my heart that this ministry was the one where I could serve our Redemptive Community ministry to help educate our members, stand firm on our biblical values to love, honor, and show humility for issues of life, natural marriage, our religious liberties, and be non-partisan.

Redemptive Community is a ministry vision developed by Lead Pastor Heath Cook many years ago for all our members; how everyone in our communities is in need of redemption as our flesh is exemplified by guilt: “…all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Christ’s redemption has freed us from guilt being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.” (Romans 3:23-24).

Pastor Cook encourages all of us to connect with our families, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc. where we live and share God’s Good word regarding the benefits of redemption that includes eternal life, forgiveness of sins, righteousness, freedom from the law’s curse, adoption into God’s family, deliverance from sin’s bondage, peace with God, and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. To be redeemed, then, is to be forgiven, holy, justified, free, adopted, and reconciled.

The Call-to-Action

As an affiliate leader, Ricky coordinates several pro-active activities for our church members, as follows.

1. Monthly, during the third weekend church services; volunteers host the S&L table with monthly newsletters, voter registration forms, and other materials. During each of the church services, Pastor Heath Cook discusses the S&L Ministry mission, emphasizes the value of the ministry, and highlights one to two S&L newsletter topics of importance.

2. Weekly, volunteers attend local community meetings to promote our biblical values and subsequently provide a brief report at our monthly S&L meeting. Local community meetings we attend include Willis TX City Council, Montgomery County TX Commissioners Court, Willis TX Independent School District Board, and Conroe TX Independent School District Board. The goal is be active with our community where we live and seek opportunities to promote our biblical values in a kind and loving way.

3. Prior to every federal, state, county, and school board election; volunteers examine applicable political candidate campaign websites, Facebook, voting records, and/or contact them directly to document their positions on the following biblical values: Pro-Life, Marriage & Family, Education, 2nd Amendment, Support Israel, Climate Change, and Religious Freedom. Subsequently, we create a Biblical Citizenship Voting Tool report summarizing all candidates’ information, and we provide a printed document prior to early voting to all church members. The members are permitted to use the Voting Tool in the voting booth to identify and vote for candidates that support our biblical values.

4. Monthly, two-to-four postcards are developed with abbreviated text sourced from the S&L National and Texas newsletters. Approximately 50 postcards per topic are mailed to a specific individual named in the S&L newsletter to encourage or express concern on the topic in a kind and loving way.

5. Monthly, Ricky prepares a monthly email newsletter with focused S&L information about our Redemptive Community and provides a brief agenda of upcoming S&L meeting held in our church sanctuary.

6. Monthly, Pastor Heath Cook meets over lunch with other local Redemptive Community Pastors to share about our S&L Ministry. The goal is to promote the S&L mission, share materials, and encourage participation.


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