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Missouri City, TX

Alysa Jarvis
Email: veritatis@att.net

About Their Salt & Light Ministry

The “Aha” Moment!

Even as a young girl, Alysa Jarvis sensed the Lord preparing her to enjoy politics, philosophy and history. That passion—and her personal distress at the decline of Christian influence in society—led her to a church meeting where then-Congressman Tom DeLay encouraged Christians to engage in the culture. During a Q&A session, Alysa asked Congressman DeLay what Christians could do to be involved. Alysa recalls, “He explained how The Salt & Light Council (SLC) was equipping churches to educate congregants in Biblical Citizenship. That became the perfect fit.”

The Call-to-Action

As SLC affiliates, Alysa and her ministry partner, Stephanie Price, are assisting a local church by advising the pastor on civic-minded teaching materials, including the use of The Truth Project. “A Biblical worldview is the only accurate lens with which to view the world around us and understand our role as Christian citizens,” says Alysa. Additionally, “Along with worldview studies, American founding principles, education and economics are regularly discussed.”

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