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Cisco, TX

Ruth York
Email: ruthvyork@cs.com

About Their Salt & Light Ministry

The “Aha” Moment!

As a homeschool mother of eight, Ruth York was already concerned about societal mores. “I felt like the culture was not going to teach them the values I wanted them to have, so homeschooling was kind of a way to rectify that.” It was the 2013 legislative fight-turned-circus over a pro-life bill, however, that prompted Ruth to head to the state capitol. “They were in the galley howling and shrieking so loudly the Senate could not conduct its business.” So, 26 people from their community traveled to Austin to support the bill, which eventually became law. “It was a watershed moment.”

The Call-to-Action

Ruth has been blessed by the congregation’s support of the Salt and Light Biblical Citizenship Ministry. Her pastor frequently preaches on cultural topics and routinely allows announcements from the newsletter. When it comes to major votes or rallies, the church van is sometimes provided for trips to the capitol. “We have a friendly congregation for that. The pastor is very supportive. That’s been great to have.” Her chapter also networks with two others in the county, often holding joint Prayer and Action meetings.

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