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Brownfield, TX

Nadine McHugh
Email: nadinemchugh@nts-online.net

About Their Salt & Light Ministry

The “Aha” Moment!

In 2012, as Nadine McHugh fasted and prayed for the nation with other like-minded believers on The Salt & Light Council’s national daily-prayer conference call, https://www.randrprayer.org/, she sensed the Spirit calling her start a Salt & Light Biblical Citizenship Ministry. “I kept feeling the Lord was calling me to do this—and to do it in church.” Saying “yes” to leading the ministry took her about a year. As the wife of the pastor, Nadine recalls, “I kept thinking of other people, ‘Oh, they would be better.’ But I felt like that’s what the Lord needed us all to do as Christians—to persevere and stand up for the religious freedoms being stripped away from us.”

The Call-to-Action

At Nadine’s church, where her husband, Eddie, serves as pastor, the Salt & Light table is set up every Sunday. They also make regular announcements about cultural issues. “We explain to the congregation why we are doing this; that God calls us to be salt and light. It’s our privilege, but it’s also our responsibility to stand up and give our views.”

Start a Biblical Citizenship Ministry

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