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Salt & Light Council Leadership

Breckenridge, TX

Richard Krantz
Email: rdkrantz45@yahoo.com

About Their Salt & Light Ministry

The “Aha” Moment!

It was one of those rare light-bulb moments when Richard Krantz’ entire perspective shifted. “It dawned on me that everything that I did, I did to Christ first. Once you figure that out, you figure out that Christ is part of everything, in everything; in your politics, in your work. I thought, how many other people are sitting in the pews of churches that don’t understand this?” Richard began looking for an avenue to make a difference. “That’s when the Salt & Light Council came along and just fit right in. I realized it’s not a political thing. It’s not an ideological thing. It’s a spiritual thing. It’s spiritual warfare.”

The Call-to-Action

Richard regularly distributes Salt & Light materials to a small core of like-minded members, and is grateful his pastor often addresses cultural issues from the pulpit. Richard advocates, “The people will not be motivated in some situations until the pastors lead them out. That’s how it began here in the United States.”

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