Malcolm McGough

Malcolm McGough

Malcolm McGough

Executive Director of The Election Integrity Project. He was heavily involved in the Trump Campaign serving as the Calif. Political and Operations Director.


The Truth of America’s Godly Heritage
When he was four, Malcolm McGough formed his first impression of America. It came from watching U.S. television and seeing the “typical” American family of the 1950s.
Eight years ago, Malcolm entered a very different America. One, he says, that seems lost. Instead of Father Knows Best, he found a society removing God from all aspects of life from public schools to politics, and in some cases, from the Church.
Where others retreat, Malcolm speaks up. Join us as we hear from this Godly man from Australia. Be encouraged and educated by an outsider’s perspective, and for whom America remains a leader, “an exceptional nation with exceptional people.” As Malcolm reminds us, “As goes America, so goes the world.”


August 2017 lecture series

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The Truth of America’s Godly Heritage ” 


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