Defund Abortion

In mid-May, the Trump administration enlarged the reach of a policy blocking U.S. assistance to foreign groups that perform or provide information about abortions. The new plan will affect $8.8 billion in funding for international health programs. Previously, it applied to a much smaller amount of about $600 million in U.S. government funds and was known as “The Mexico City Policy.” The guidelines, introduced in 1984, say that U.S. government funds cannot be given to foreign clinics or groups that offer abortion services or discuss abortion. This is even if the funds for those activities come from sources other than the U.S. government. The new rules are called “Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance.” The State Department reported the Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance program does not reduce the amount of help the U.S. government makes available, and funding already promised will not be affected as a result of this policy.

SCRIPTURE: Isaiah 49:15.
PRAY: Policies improve lives for mothers and infants.
ACTION: Go to the Salt & Light table. Write a postcard: “Dear President Trump, Thank you for blocking U.S. assistance to foreign groups providing abortions. Please make funds available to health advocates providing services to mothers and their babies.” President Donald Trump, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500.




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