U.S. - Israeli Ties

CBN News reports that Donald Trump’s presidential win signals for some “a transformation” in the U.S.-Israeli relationship. For instance, Becky Norton Dunlop from the Heritage Foundation says, “I’m very optimistic about these next few years. I think it’s going to mark a dramatically improved relationship between Israel and the United States. The one thing we can be very confident of with Donald J. Trump is that he’s a man of change.” Dunlop, a member of the Trump transition team, considers, “I think that’s why people in Israel who have not liked the old way of doing things are hopeful and optimistic because at least they see in this new president, America is going to re-look at these old problems.” Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee called the change “night and day. I think it will be dramatic. It will be immediate. There’s no doubt in my mind.” Dunlop concludes,”The signal is we’re going to take a new look at things. We’re putting someone in there who’s not the same old, same old.”

SCRIPTURE: Genesis 12:3.
PRAY: The new administration fully supports Israel.
ACTION: Go to the Salt & Light table. Write a postcard to President Donald Trump: “Dear President Trump, Please support America’s historic friendship with Israel.”




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