What is the difference between you, Culture Impact, Faith & Freedom, and many other ministries?


The Salt & Light Council is a back-office support system that educates, equips and activates churches and Biblically-minded groups. In recognizing all of the seasoned policy councils and research organizations nationwide, we provide a neutral clearinghouse so you get to enjoy them all!

In essence, we become a “drag-and-drop” location, a networking platform, managed by a dynamic leader your pastor chooses and we train. In this way, congregants can stay abreast of your favorite ministries that warrant representation in your church.

Whether it is Watchman, Culture Impact, Faith and Freedom, Christian Coalition, Traditional Values,  Christian Awakening, etc., we absolutely love them all, know them intimately, and train on them, too—and everything is offered in  a manner that is easily duplicated, professionally vetted, and sustainable. In fact, this is our area of expertise!

Remember this: Whomever you appoint to run a table, conduct Salt & Light meetings, and/or offer Biblical worldview training, must be either already knowledgeable in how to lovingly handle people and uphold your 501c3 status, or trained by a qualified, professional organization who specializes in this. And, that would be us!  We have your back.  We want revival in our nation as badly as you do.

Our training is interactive with practical role-plays and the most common scenarios. These exercises teach leaders how to initiate relationships that promote the church as a safe, welcoming place without losing the inerrancy of the truth. Our training is mindful to stay Biblically focused and not political. Frankly, it’s fun and energizing to see those light-bulb “ah-ha” moments as people grasp the Scriptural model in real-time and in tangible ways!

It is going to take a team to turn this ship called “America” in a direction that keeps our faith alive for generations.  We really can’t wait to love our neighbors with you, as together, we all love our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

There is so much more to tell you, but we will have to link arms to do so!  Let’s do this: Get trained.  Get activated.  Get going.

God speed!

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