Dr. Lance Wallnau
“Engaging the Church in Politics Using the Seven-Mountain Strategy”

The Salt & Light Council Lecture Series – March 18, 2019

God is working in new and unprecedented ways around the country. Lance will be speaking on the “seven mountains” and what the Lord is showing him related to churches and politics.  If you know Lance, you know this is not to be missed. If you don’t know Lance, trust us…this is not to be missed!

The 7- Mountain Strategy:
Learn how God is going to use you to change the world. Simply by being faithful with the what God had given to him, Joseph was brought out of a dungeon to become the second most powerful man in Egypt overnight. God is raising up people to have influence in their spheres that will shape the minds of generations to come and fulfill our calling to ‘disciple nations.’



Watch Dr. Lance Wallnau’s Presentation


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