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Coarsegold, CA

Jannai Pero

About Their Salt & Light Ministry

The “Aha” Moment!

Jannai and John Pero saw an unmet need. “We learned half of Christians aren’t registered to vote and half of those registered don’t vote. We already knew not all voted with wisdom, and began praying ‘how to reach the Church.’”  The couple heard about The Salt & Light Council from another Affiliate Leader and were soon involved in training. “We call ourselves ‘political missionaries,’” Jannai declares.  “This was our answer to prayer that we’ve been promoting ever since. We pray for a Salt & Light Biblical Citizenship Ministry in every church and speak about it to anyone interested. We carry the Salt & Light newsletter with us to hand out, speak at pastors’ prayer breakfasts, mention Salt & Light on national prayer calls, and at political and women’s meetings.”

The Call-to-Action

At their home church, Yosemite Lake Community, the Peros hold monthly prayer meetings and distribute out the monthly Salt & Light Newsletter to interested members. John has led various Bible studies that focus on Biblical citizenship. The two also participate in the ministry’s daily prayer calls at

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