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Carlsbad, CA

Debbie Blair

About Their Salt & Light Ministry

The “Aha” Moment!

Debbie Blair worried about the future of public-school education. As a teacher, she noted among her students, “There weren’t a lot of Christian or church backgrounds, and I was concerned.” Debbie became hopeful it was possible to impact the culture for Jesus Christ after joining a civic-serve effort that became a Salt & Light Biblical Citizenship ministry. “I was impressed,” she recalls. When the church’s Affiliate Leadership position became available, Debbie decided to keep the ball rolling, “no matter what!”

The Call-to-Action

Since being certified as a Salt & Light Biblical Citizenship Affiliate Leader, Debbie maintains a weekly Salt & Light table that highlights a newsletter of pressing cultural issues. Each article features Scripture, Prayer and how to take effective Action. Debbie creates petitions from the newsletter action that generate 150 to 175 signatures each month—an impressive amount for a church of about 400. “We get a good response. A lot of people come to our booth.” Debbie also distributes voter guides at the church. “I appreciate all the background and vetting work Salt & Light does. It adds credibility to what we do.”

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