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Blue Lake, CA

Rob & Lucinda Jackson

About Their Salt & Light Ministry

The “Aha” Moment!

 As a small child, Lucinda Jackson had an attraction to the law, business and governance, and how they worked together. “I think God actually put that in me even though I wasn’t walking with Him, because He knew He had plans for that down the road.” That road emerged in 2010, after she and her husband, Rob, came to faith. “We both had a passion for discipleship and for education, especially among young people. Since then God has opened up doors for us.” Those doors include becoming Affiliate Leaders for a Salt & Light Council Biblical Citizenship Ministry and as church youth leaders. “There have been great opportunities to get involved and engaged in the culture.”

The Call-to-Action

Lucinda and Rob’s Biblical Citizenship toolbox for their church begins with the basics: the monthly informational table; monthly meetings, often with guest speakers; pulpit announcements; bulletin inserts, and educational series on such topics as the Constitution and the Founding Fathers, described by Lucinda as “our meat and potatoes.” The ministry’s reach extends to hosting SLC booths at public events including a music festival and a community Thanksgiving dinner; an active Facebook page; and their efforts to encourage other churches to activate their congregations through SLC to increase the Judeo-Christian voice in their region.

On Biblical worldview studies for teens and young adults:


We took a format of viewing current issues through a Biblical lens—an essential of The Salt & Light Council—to arm and equip them with Scripture and tools on how they can live their faith successfully.

— Lucinda Jackson

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