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“Moral and Religious” – Christy’s Letter to You


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  • “Moral and Religious” – Christy’s Letter to You
  • “John Adams & Virtue” w Dinesh D’Souza
  • History Hangout: “America’s Exceptional History of Anti-Slavery”

Hi! I’m Christy Kind. I’m a fellow high schooler, and I want you to
know you’re not alone in life, and that Jesus is the answer!

Hello Friend! This short letter is from John Adams, one of America’s Founding Fathers. He writes to the Massachusetts Militia in 1798. Adams explains the great risk of having a government that so heavily relies on the integrity of the people and challenges all Americans to live virtuous lives.Enjoy! – Christy

Dinesh D’Souza talks about Founder John Adams’ vision for a virtuous country, enabled by citizens ascribing to Biblical values. Watch now!!

~H I S T O R Y  H A N G O U T~
Learn about the founding of America!

And, here’s where we can each make a difference.
Combine your prayers with action!

Prayer:  Pray for families with members being forced to choose between taking the Covid-19 vaccine or being fired from jobs, or barred from in-person public education. Although the Supreme Court partially ruled against the vaccine mandate, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is still trying to promote it.

Action: Sit down with your parents to craft a postcard to your legislators to politely request they do everything in their power to stop Covid-19 vaccine mandates that deprive Americans of guaranteed Constitutional and religious freedom. For a comprehensive resource on what is currently law, visit www.eeoc.gov/laws/guidance/what-you-should-know-workplace-religious-accommodation/. To read the OSHA standard:  www.osha.gov/coronavirus/ets2/. COVID resources can be found at https://www.pastortownhall.town/resources.

Thank you for reading! I hope you were encouraged.

– Christy Kind

Author: Dran Reese
The Salt and Light Council

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