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“Selfishness vs. Selflessness | In humility count others more significant than ourselves”

Hi! I’m Christy Kind. I’m a fellow high schooler, and I want you to know you’re not alone in life, and that Jesus is the answer!

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Hi All, I was thinking about selfishness vs. selflessness recently. Here are my thoughts. I hope they are a help to you, too – Christy

Have you ever talked with someone who could not stop talking about themselves? I’m sure we have all had an experience like that. We usually walk away from those people thinking how selfish they are. How often do we get so focused on ourselves that we forget…

This Salt & Light video focuses on Governmental authority from a Biblical perspective. Watch now!

Dennis Prager dives into the history and effects of Communism, and answers the question:
Is Communism moral? Watch now!!

~ H I S T O R Y H A N G O U T ~

Learn about the founding of America!

How Alexander Hamilton’s Greatness Affected America’s Institutions
A must read!!

And, here’s where we can each make a difference.
Combine your prayers with action!

Prayer: Pray for Israel, as they undergo attacks from Hamas terrorists. 
Action: Educate yourself by researching reliable news sources to find out more about was is going on in the Middle East right now. Also, read the books of Daniel and Revelation in the Bible to know what God’s ultimate plan is for the nation of Israel.

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Thank you for reading! I hope you were encouraged. 

– Christy Kind

Author: Dran Reese
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