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Ten Things That Take Zero Talent…But Will Earn You 100% Respect

Hi All, I was thinking about the word “Respect.” Here are my thoughts. I hope they are a help to you, too – Christy

I used to have a teacher who insisted we students always say, “Yes, Sir.” If at any time while talking to him he asked us something, or we addressed him, it was always “Sir.” If he asked if so-and-so had taken out the trash, and we said “Uh-Huh”, or “Yup” or better yet, “Yeah,” he would stop and make us say “Yes, Sir.” He would roast us soundly if we interrupted – and don’t even mention sassing him. KEEP READING…

Rudyard Kipling was a famous poet, and through through the poem “If” he challenged people to rise above their difficult circumstances and exhibit self control, restraint, and discipline to achieve maturity. See how much you relate to the poet, and if you agree – or not.

This man’s advice on concepts that determine your future pursuits is unusual. See what you think about it!

~ H I S T O R Y H A N G O U T ~
Learn about the founding of America!

And, here’s where we can each make a difference.
Combine your prayers with action!

Prayer:Pray for your local government officials to have wisdom and integrity.
Action:Write a note to your local congressman/woman, senator, or governor, and encourage them to uphold the Constitution and vote righteously.

Thank you for reading! I hope you were encouraged.

– Christy Kind

Author: Dran Reese
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