Os Hillman

Os Hillman

Os Hillman

President of Marketplace Leaders & Author of his new book “The Joseph Calling”








The Joseph Calling: Six Stages to Discover, Navigate and Fulfill Your Purpose!
How does God raise up leaders? The not-so-good news that it often begins with a crisis is followed by very good news, as Os Hillman reveals six stages God uses to build leaders. 

Measure which of the stages you – and your Salt & Light teams – have completed, and which you have yet to go as we become vessels well-prepared to face adversity with courage and conviction. It’s a message we all need in these Last Days!


JuLY 2017 lecture series

We are excited to host our monthly LECTURE SERIES and provide you with these informative video recordings.

America’s culture is dependent on people that share the core belief we are One Nation Under God. Invest with us in our great country by partnering with The Salt & Light Council.

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“The Joseph Calling” 


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