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Exposing a Devilish Plan for Sex

“Rodney” is a man-boy; a Peter Pan. He never wants to grow up—living on the edge offers too much fun. In fact, impermanence marks his only permanence. Inside, he is empty and shallow—but, Rodney doesn’t know it.

He has found a substitute for intimacy, and it consumes his mind, his energy, and his strength. What puts the oomph in Rodney’s gait, what rocks his world, what fuels his tank, is sex. Not with a wife, not to build a family, but to recreate and fill his time.

Here’s where Rodney misses it : In the merry-go-round of recreational sex, lust burns up not only his innocence, but his humanity. Rodney dies daily to himself—but not as God intended. He sacrifices his best part: that created in the image of God.

Now hear me, Satan has a vested interest in Rodney’s sex life. It keeps his God-tank empty. It not only separates him from his Maker, but also from other people. Forget intimacy of any kind after bouts of promiscuity. Like peeling wallpaper off a wall, each side takes pieces of the other—and leaves vestiges of their souls in partners of the past.

The devil seeks worshipers. He can only counterfeit two becoming one, and he has to do it without the marriage bed. When God revealed Himself to the Hebrew nation, He gave them a list of commands regarding relationships. Do this. Don’t do that. It’s before God that we abstain from immorality of all kinds. Marriage, and its blessings and benefits, is submitted to God alone; it’s off limits to the devil. Interesting fact: You won’t find cult prostitutes in Jewish law.

In our age of Internet panache, pornography is now its designer jean. The bull offered on this altar is the other person. Now, Rodney can be alone. In private, he feels invincible. In community, he hides his secret life. The average age for boys to view their first Internet porn is 8 years old. Is Rodney 10? 50? Here, the generations share the same fate: sex stunts their humanity and the devil is the one who scores.

For the new generation, the breeding ground for the cult of the illicit is aptly titled, “Comprehensive Sexuality Education.” Renamed “Sexual Health Education,” “Family Life Education,” and other synonyms, the free-education, public-school system trains youth for “safe sex.” Visit the website of your school district to see what it offers. Look at the curriculum; the lesson plans for each grade. Test the opt-out options.

Bottom line: “Rodney” is all around us. He may be the parent, the child, the teacher, the student, the relative, the clergyman. “Rodney” is what society is churning out, and he may be you. But, God says in Ephesians 2:10 that Rodney “is created for good things in Christ Jesus that He prepared beforehand, that he should walk in them,” and the calling of God is irrevocable.

Decades ago, we allowed ridicule to silence our veneration of God. Now, we stand at the devil’s door. Whether it’s the boardroom, the schoolroom, the bedroom, or just shutting off the computer, we can get up and walk away; pull the plug, leave the building, the system, and the intimidation and indoctrination centers. It really is that simple.

The parents who said “no” to unruly children, the girl who said “no” to the too-eager boy, the Church that said “no” societal ills kept the culture in check. It’s time to tell “Rodney” to grow up, and for followers of Jesus Christ to regain our collective voice, and say “no,” once again.


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Author: Dran Reese
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